We offer ongoing advice and a personalized service that includes:
Preparation (filing) and/or review of tax and social security returns for federal, provincial and municipal authorities.
Personalized assessment of the impact of legislative developments in the operations of the company.
Tax planning to avoid the existence and permanence of unutilized credit balances.
The filing for application for certificates of non-withholding and non perception to collect taxes so as to prevent suppliers, customers and Customs Agency from withholding funds from various taxes for future offsetting.
Preparation of tax deadline schedules for the client.

Advice and consulting in responding to requirements and audits & subpoenas performed by the federal, provincial & local tax authorities.
Development of administrative injunctions for fines, closures and other possible sanctions.
Attention for any given inspection of Argentine control agencies.
Advising on operations regarding hedging with financial derivatives.
Review of compliance of the formal, legal, general norms and obligations (registration, billing systems, proper payment methods to comply with tax evasion law).
Revision of the income taxes withheld and their timely deposit -rendering- so as to avoid criminal sanctions against company directors.