We have extensive experience advising domestic and foreign clients in the purchase and sale of local companies and ongoing concern/goodwill, as well as corporate reorganizations.

We assist you in:
The evaluation of the fiscal aspects in transactions of:
  • Sale/Purchase of share equity.
  • Transfer of assets.
  • Transfer of ongoing concern/goodwill.
  • Shareholder agreements.
  • Limited Time Joint Ventures. (locally known as “Transitory Union of Companies”)
  • Joint ventures.
Conducting audits of complex tax and social security issues (due diligence).
The negotiation of different alternatives of tax shelter and planning against possible tax contingencies.
Advising on the legal form that best fits the economic reality sought through the company’s reorganization.
All the filings and presentations at the AFIP for communicating the reorganization.
The servicing of the inspection originated in the review of compliance with the requirements of the reorganization in accordance to the law regarding income tax