VAT refund for exporters and return -reimbursement- of freely available tax balances.

We assist our clients in:
  • Determination of amounts to be recovered.
  • Audit of tax obligations.
  • Submission of the application forms for tax recovery.
  • Attention to inspections and subpoenas.
  • Follow-up of presentations and filings until their effective collection.
  • Preparing legal writs and presentations for reconsideration challenges.
In the case of exporters, our work includes:
  • The survey of business to establish the circuit of appropriation of the tax credit in exported products (direct and indirect).
  • The development of working papers demonstrating the calculation methods.
  • Preparation of an ordered file with supporting documents.
Our work aims to obtain quick payment on the basis of the preparation of appropriate supporting documentation and working papers so as to successfully overcome to audits and inspections.