The need to train adults who are in physically remote locations –such as off premises- and who have low time availability can be satisfied through the distance mode.

A multidisciplinary team has designed our courses with a teaching method that works on concrete and real experience of students.

Our added value:
We have teachers/tutors who are professionals working in the subject area they teach, so they can make a direct experience of specific labor issues.

We have formed a multidisciplinary team able to combine different types of education -classroom, distance or blended learning- to provide the most appropriate response to each individual/organization so as to provide-in addition to traditional vocational training- training on topics from different specialties but clearly adapted for the non-specialists.
< Off-Site Courses > The migration of our classroom courses to this methodology can be carried out progressively. If you are interested in any subject area or particular course, please let us know by sending an email to